2009/11/22 Benoit PAPILLAULT <benoit.papilla...@free.fr>:
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> Gábor Stefanik a écrit :
>> Yes, that is probably the problem; please try this patch:
>> http://patches.aircrack-ng.org/zd1211rw_inject_2.6.26.patch. It's just
>> a hack, but it works. (Without the hack, only enabling CR_SNIFFER_ON
>> will cause the card to return junk packets.)
> Indeed. However :
> 1. I did not receive junk packet so far with only enabling CR_SNIFFER_ON.
> 2. With both a STA interface and a monitor interface, performance drops
> significantly. Any explanation for this.

What do you mean by "performance loss"? Is there packet loss? Is TX
rate dropping?

> 3. Could you tell me a bit more about your junk packet filtering?

It was not written by me - CCing SuD, who wrote the patch.

> 4. I received lots of small RX packet of 4 or 5 bytes. What is causing this?
> Does your patch has been sent upstream already?
> Regards,
> Benoit
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