julien cubizolles a écrit :
> [cut]
> I tried it between two of my computers, both on wireless, the client
> being the one using a zd1211rw chip.
> If i don't manually set the bitrate to 1M, I don't get any throughput.
> If I set it to 54M, I get 
> * on the server side : [  4]  0.0-11.6 sec  3.73 MBytes  2.70 Mbits/sec
> * on the client side : [  3]  0.0-10.3 sec  3.73 MBytes  3.05 Mbits/sec
> But the rc_stats file still contains only zeroes :
OK. If you fixed the rate, then rate control is not used at all and this 
explain why rc_stats is full of zero!
So, there is something really weird going on in your configuration that 
prevent rate control from working at all!

Do you think you could narrow the problem by hacking into the source code?

PS: If you are close to Paris, we can do a live debug session :-)

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