--- On Tue, 23/2/10, James Ronald <james.ron...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm running Linux 2.6.25 and the
> zd1211rw driver from 2.6.25. Does
> anyone know if this driver worked in 2.6.25 and if so what
> it's
> dependencies were?  Which 802.11 stack?  I am
> fairly new to the 802.11
> drivers and not familiar with everything that has been
> going on in the
>  802.11 space.
> Compat-wireless does not seem like a solution at the
> moment. It seem
> that I'm just missing something simple assuming that the
> zd1211rw
> driver worked in 2.6.25.

Nobody active with driver development care about back porting 
bug-fixes/improvements separately other than compat-wireless, so your two 
questions are the same: nobody would tell you if the driver shipped with 2.6.25 
works since nobody cares - if it works for you then it is good for you, if it 
doesn't, try compat-wireless. If you want to use such an old kernel and have 
wireless connectivity, compat-wireless is the way to go.

You'll need to clarify what do you mean by '...does not seem like a 


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