Nerijus Baliunas wrote:
> What are standard instructions? It works with hostapd here...

Perhaps I should say the patch looks incomplete, because I have seen the 
"official" change I mentioned below, and it is more than just two lines.

>> in any case, the "official" change has 
>> already happened - once something is in the wireless-testing branch of the 
>> kernel, it is just a matter of time before it reaches Linus himself. The 
>> process 
>> usually takes a few months between a change appearing in wireless testing to 
>> it 
>>   appearing in the official release.
> Great.

You wrote the patch was for, and my old message was about it entering 
the wireless-testing branch after 2.6.38 (and before the 2.6.39 merge windows, 
think). I just checked that 2.6.39 is in rc7 now, so you probably just need to 
wait a week or two - and to be sure about it, read the changelog on

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