The problem with a ChangeAnnotation method is that one app may not know
about annotations that another application set.

For example, suppose that UbuntuOne adds on a "synchronized" annotation
to each item that it tracks. If another application then calls
ChangeAnnotation("file:///boo/bar/test.dat", {"tags": ["one", "two"],
"bookmarked": False}) on the same file, it would inadvertently remove
UbuntuOne's annotation because it doesn't (and doesn't need to) know
that it exists.

I'd rather just use AddAnnotation, RemoveAnnotation, and SetAnnotation
(but not SetAnnotations) methods. This way, applications can only touch
the one or two annotations that they know about without needing to know
about all possible annotations.

Add API method to change annotations of an item
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Status in Zeitgeist Engine: New

Bug description:
It would be nice to have a method in the DBus API to change the annotations 
(tags/bookmarked) of an item. The item should be identified by its URI. 
Something like this

ChangeAnnotation("file:///boo/bar/test.dat", {"tags": ["one", "two"], 
"bookmarked": False})

The 2nd argument must at least contain one item.

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