Note that events should be regarded as sub types of items, meaning that
an event is comprised of both the relevant row in the item table and the
corresponding row in the event table. This means that events do in fact
have origins.

I do agree, however, that an origin is a URL, and as such should be
stored in the uri table. Meaning that item.origin should converted to an
INTEGER and be renamed to item.origin_id.

origin should be a property of events, not items
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Status in Zeitgeist Engine: Triaged

Bug description:
Both and our current 
implementation have "origin" as a property of items, but this makes no sense, 
as the origin can be different for every event and should as such be a property 
of it. (Further, to improve disk space usage we should save the actual value of 
it in the "uri" table).

I'm filling this bug so that we don't remember to fix it, but please let's 
ignore it until we get the basic event/item separation stuff merged - most 
important stuff first.

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