Our current DP only tells us how we use our documents
GIO can give us an even wider perspective.
When some1 launches an application Zeitgeist is not informed. However using
GIO we can track the users opening applications etc...
BIG BIG BIG +1 for me

2009/11/20 Siegfried Gevatter <rai...@ubuntu.com>

> 2009/11/20 Jason Smith <jason.sm...@canonical.com>:
> > Things this patch can provide you with:
> > - The name of the application the user launched (localized if desired)
> > - How to launch it
> > - What it was launched with
> > - What mime types it supports
> > - A description of the application (localized if desired)
> > - The name of the binary that was launched
> > - The flags the application was launched with
> > Probably more...
> Just to clarify, events aren't really about applications, the only
> application information we store is the name of their ".desktop" file.
> What we need is: document URI, document mimetype, document
> manifestation (local file/website/etc), document interpretation
> (document/image/video/source code/etc), title -can't be provided by
> GIO-, event interpretation (most likely VISIT_EVENT, ei. a file being
> opened/visited), event manifestation (happening because of a user
> action/automatically -eg. music player changing to next song-/etc),
> etc.
> In any case, your idea looks really useful (even though we'll still
> need data providers for many applications as they can provide much
> more details by themselves), please go on with it :).
> Cheers,
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