For this question to make sense you have to give a use case and explain
why it is not good enough to filter out events manually in the Firefox

For nitpicking: events can have a "title that contains zeitgeist". They
can have a subject with text field containing 'zeitgeist'. If we want to
make such queries efficient we need a full text index on the
event.subject_text column, which would require the FTS extension for
sqlite and I am not quite sure that this is a standard dependency..?

If we are serious about scaling to millions of events then we can never
under any circumstance allow queries that force us into a table scan.
And I think massive scalability is more important than esoteric queries,
but this is simply my opinion, and up to discussion.

If zeitgeist was implemented on top of something like Xapian or Lucene
instead of SQLite we could allow more complex queries. But for the near-
to mid term future I don't see that happening.

On the negation issue I suppose we could add some sort of negation
switch (fx '!') before the fields where we use controlled identifiers
(that'd be uri, iterpretations, manifestation, mimetype, etc., but not
payload or subject_text). But I still need a convincing argument showing
that we need this...

Using filters (text match / exclusion / etc)
You received this bug notification because you are a member of
Zeitgeist-Engine, which is the registrant for Zeitgeist Engine.

Status in Zeitgeist Engine: New

Bug description:
 - How can I get all events except those with interpretation VISIT_EVENT?

 - In case you give me above the awful answer "looking for all interpretations 
except VISIT_EVENT", how can I get all events except those from application 

 - How can I get all those events whose URI ends with "myfile.txt"?

- And those events whose title contains "zeitgeist"?

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