Seif: Thanks for your kind words.

Everyone: Okay now that I'm home (wrote the previous message when
checking mails from the phone, so that I don't forget to answer :P),
here comes what I wanted to say.

As I understand it, the point for "origin" is to know where a particular
event came from. So, eg. if you are on a website and there's and you
click on a link to download a PDF, the resulting DOWNLOAD_EVENT would
have the page where the link was as origin (as opposed to the online
location of the PDF, which is an information that should go into
Tracker). If I am on and there I click on,
the resulting VISIT_EVENT with subject would have origin, if I read a mail and there I right click on an e-mail
address and add it to my contacts list (in case we ever log that) would
give an event where the origin is the e-mail you were reading, etc. Like
this I think events make sense and are useful, even though I'm not sure
they are worth the mess (which is why I wouldn't disagree with removing
them entirely).

About just storing the domain name or the document, what's the point?
It's just duplication of information. For filtering we should support
full text searches (in URI and Title), using the origin (which for this
is also named wrongly, btw, it should be called "root" rather than
"origin") is rather useless; why would someone want to look for items in
/home? What I want is to look at items in /home/rainct/Documents/Foobar/
containing "lala" in the filename.


origin should be a property of events, not items
You received this bug notification because you are a member of
Zeitgeist-Engine, which is the registrant for Zeitgeist Engine.

Status in Zeitgeist Engine: Invalid

Bug description:
Both and our current 
implementation have "origin" as a property of items, but this makes no sense, 
as the origin can be different for every event and should as such be a property 
of it. (Further, to improve disk space usage we should save the actual value of 
it in the "uri" table).

I'm filling this bug so that we don't remember to fix it, but please let's 
ignore it until we get the basic event/item separation stuff merged - most 
important stuff first.

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