Yeah, I agree you way is the way to go (I'm just wondering why the
Tracker guys didn't think of this, as I had a talk with Ivan at
Bolzano and he told me they also have problems with signals and that
their not optimal solution was to send a different signal for every
type of data).

Unrelated to that, I also think I'd be important to have this in 0.3,
as without it Zeitgeist can't power any proper interface (eg. forget
about 0.3 being useful for Activity Journal, Shell or anything else).
So even if this means delaying the release a couple of days we can
accept this given the importance of the feature.

Add event notification and subscription system
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Zeitgeist-Engine, which is the registrant for Zeitgeist Framework.

Status in Zeitgeist Framework: Confirmed

Bug description:
Zeitgeist 0.2 relayed all incoming events over the bus. This might be a bit 
over the top, but apps still need a way to get notified of events elsewhere in 
the system.

This bug relates a lot to bug #447417 "Zeitgeist should have any kind of system 
to protect users privacy" where a dynamic black listing system is needed. This 
is sort of inverse to a notification system (only "sort of" mind you).

I want to use this bug as a tracker an reminder for us/me to finish this 
feature. I have it pretty cut out in my head, so if any one else starts on this 
please ping me...

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