Yeah, I'm ok with removing this method from the dbus API.
I would be cool if we could add a more flexible method to ZeitgeistClient, like

  ZeitgeistClient.get_max_timestamp(self, actor=None,
manifestation=None, interpretation=None)

so you can not only search for the last timestamp for an actor, but also for an 
interpretation or manifestation.
And sth. like 

  ZeitgeistClient.get_max_timestamp(self, actor="application://geany",

will return the last timestamp where a file was created using geany.

GetHighestTimestampForActor is superfluous
You received this bug notification because you are a member of
Zeitgeist-Engine, which is the registrant for Zeitgeist Framework.

Status in Zeitgeist Framework: Triaged

Bug description:
The method GetHighestTimestampForActor is superfluous as far as I can tell. It 
can be simply done fully client side by using FindEventIds like so:

template = Event.new_for_values(actor="gedit")
ids = FindEventIds(TimeRange.until_now(), [template], StorageState.Any, 1, 
highest_timestamp_for_gedit = GetEvents(ids)[0].timestamp

If I am right about this then I think we should remove it from the DBus API an 
simply implement a convenience method in ZeitgeistClient.

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