Siegfried, I think you need to elaborate a bit in order to make that
comment useful...

"Domain" seems to imply that it is the place where the subject is
currently located. It also strikes me as a very vague and possibly
ambiguous  word here. Fx. the "domain" of an RDF property is the range
in which it can take values (fx. the domian of the relation foo:hasTag
is foo:TagObject).

Seif in comment #4 you mean " ==>"; and not "...==> aflkasflkasjf", right?

The example is a bit too simple though. What about
? I'd say that it should map to

If we take an example where I donwload the file from the above URL,
there are three interesting URIs to log:

 - The URL my brower window points to
 - The URL of the file I download
 - The local file:// URL that I save the file under

Unfortunately our current datamodel can not contain all this information
inside one event. We only have subject.uri and subject.origin. It would
appear that we also need an event.origin..?

What value should subject.origin have?
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Bug description:
>> +                                       origin = 
>> info.get_uri().rpartition("/")[0]


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