I like this solution more than my proposal in my comment on the other 
bugreport. But I still think it is not optimal because there is no reason to 
distinguish between different reason of failure. The client will always get the 
same result back no matter if this event was blocked by an extension, blocked 
because the event already had an id, blocked because the client tried to add an 
event without a subject, and so on.
Is it possible to send negative integers over dbus, so we can define 
  v >= 0 -> id of an event
  v < 0 -> error

We also predefine some error values as constants.

What to do on failed or blocked event insertions?
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Bug description:
This bug is filed in relation to bug #495017: "AttributeError: 'NoneType' 
object has no attribute 'payload'"

Markus asks what to do with failed or blocked events in InsertEvents(). This is 
an important questions since we can't not raise an error or simply leave the 
event id out of the response. Clients depend on mapping the returned 

I propose to say that event id 0, indicates an error. I think this is a nice 
solution: easy to implement without breaking API, and easy to handle for 
clients because a boolean test "if not event_id : print 'eeeeeek!'" works.

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