2009/12/8 Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen <mikkel.kamst...@gmail.com>:
> "Domain" seems to imply that it is the place where the subject is
> currently located. It also strikes me as a very vague and possibly
> ambiguous  word here.

Agreed, "root" would be a better name.

> If we take an example where I donwload the file from the above URL,
> there are three interesting URIs to log:

I don't remember how we came to discussing this, but let me explain my
position on this again.

If you really want "root" -let's call it like this for now- for
optimizing whatever you want to optimize (I'm still not sure what you
want it for...), then it should be an implementation detail which
isn't exposed in the API. It doesn't make any sense for it to be

Completely unrelated, I propose that we add a new property to events,
called "origin". This property would cover "where does this event come
from, ie. what other subject triggered it".

So for example if you open project.odt and there click on
searchengine.com and search for elephants which brings you to
searchengine.com/elephants and there you click on
elephants.com/the-truth-about-them that would give you the events:
 - uri: file:///home/humanoid/project.odt, origin: None
 - uri: searchengine.com, origin: file:///home/humanoid/project.odt
 ... some other events because in the middle you talked to an IM contact ...
 - uri: searchengine.com/elephants, origin: searchengine.com
 ... some other events because you switched to another tab and looked
up photos of elements there ...
 - uri: elephants.com/the-truth-about-them, origin: searchengine.com/elephants

The case of downloads gets more complicated so let's not get into it
just right now.


Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
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What value should subject.origin have?
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Bug description:
>> +                                       origin = 
>> info.get_uri().rpartition("/")[0]


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