One use case I want to cover also is IM messages, I am working on a
Telepathy observer that logs chats to Zg. How would I model this via the
Zg datamodel? Let's see...

So I observe that sends me the message "Hello
Dolly" via MSN. His real name is John Doe, I can this from Telepathy as
well. The formal identifier for the sender should be "mailto:" using the standard IANA mailto URI-scheme, I would
tend to store this in subject.origin - the alternative would

It doesn't make much sense to store app://telepathy.desktop or
app://empathy.desktop in because I have no way of knowing
which app shows the message to the user - it could indeed be multiple

It would be most convenient if I also stored the real name, "John Doe"
somehwhere with the event so that apps wouldn't have to talk Telepathy
to display real names. I could either prepend it to subject.text or
somehow encode it in event.payload (fx. a json map of extra attributes).

event.timestamp = int(time.time()*1000)
event.interpretation = Interpretation.RECEIVE_EVENT
event.manifestation = Manifestation.WORLD_ACTIVITY *** = ??
event.payload = 
subject.interpretation = Interpretation.IM_MESSAGE
subject.manifestation = ??
subject.origin = "";
subject.text = "Hello Dolly"
subject.mimetype = "text/plain"

***) I tentatively introduced the WORLD_ACTIVITY event manifestation
because I think USER_NOTIFICATION would be wrong here

Anyway - it's just a very real use case which is relevant to this

What value should subject.origin have?
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>> +                                       origin = 
>> info.get_uri().rpartition("/")[0]


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