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I don't get why we are talking about this over and over again. When we think we 
came to a conclusion it is always a matter of time before somebody brings this 
up *again*. However, IMO this is nothing we should discuss in a blueprint, if 
the current situation is a problem for user it is a bug, so we should discuss 
it in a bugreport, and there is already bug 462894 which deals with this 
And if we still think this is an issue, we should try to solve it for all time.
If we would like to solve it (Mikkel convinced me some time ago that we go with 
the current situation) then I see only one valid and possible solution: let 
certain clients claim exclusive communication (insert and/or query) with the 
zeitgeist daemon. This exclusive communication is defined by a set of templates 
and it is not the clients who check if they are allowed to do any kind of 
communication, it is the engine who does all the management. I started 
implementing this idea at lp:~thekorn/zeitgeist/exclusive_clients but did not 
finish it, because I don't think we need it.

Howto handle dataproviders per default.

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