seems like it gonna be done with the new ontology huh?

Separate Interpretation/Manifestation into different groups for Events and 
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Bug description:
Currently datamodel.Interpretation and datamodel.Manifestation contain both the 
ontologies for Events and for Subjects.

This is confusing in several ways:
 - In the docs (be it HTML or using Python's in-build help), as everything is 
mixed together.
 - In code, as it makes it impossible (without ugly hacks) to get, eg., a list 
of all Subject Interpretations, as they can't be separated from Event ones.
 - It just doesn't make sense.

Therefore, I propose that we separate those collections so that we have:
 - datamodel.EventInterpretation
 - datamodel.EventManifestation
 - datamodel.SubjectInterpretation
 - datamodel.SubjectManifestation

Also, while we are at it, we should consider hiding the INTERPRETATION_ID and 
INTERPRETATION_DOC variables, unless they are useful for something.

As this is an API break, I also propose that datamodel.Interpretation and 
datamodel.Manifestation should continue working (showing a DeprecationWarning) 
the same release as the change is done, and then dropped with the next one.

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