And one more with Timestamp.anytime(): (libzg)
DEBUG:zeitgeist.fts:Search '(v*) AND (0..9223372036854775807ms)' gave 4422 hits 
in 33.2410335541ms

DEBUG:zeitgeist.fts:Search 'v*' gave 8845 hits in 14.8799419403ms

And yes, I'm quite sure I don't have 4000 events with Timestamp < 0 in
my DB.

fts extension is not expanding stuff correctly in queries
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Zeitgeist
Extensions, which is the registrant for Zeitgeist Smack-ins.

Status in Zeitgeist Smack-ins: New

Bug description:
Michal reported a bug in the fts extension on irc today:

11:06 < mhr3> second, once there's a bit more complex query, it no longer 
              expands stuff
11:07 < mhr3> ie searching for "v*" and "(v*) AND (())" returns different 
11:08 < mhr3> i'm now not sure if "(v) AND (())" vs "v" also returns different 
11:09 < mhr3> but it's possible

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