@Kamstrup: I think your reasoning today why you chose to go with
thekorn's proposition is spot on.

<seif> installed launched
<seif> and the empty subjects issue
<seif> what do u think
<seif> ?
<kamstrup> seif, for libzgs module I settled on setting the launched app as the 
<seif> kamstrup, :/
<seif> kamstrup, i think the empty subjects would be a better idea
<seif> kamstrup, what event interpretation did u use
<seif> ?
<kamstrup> seif, i was nervous for dupe entries in the db
<seif> how dupe?
<kamstrup> if I open house.jpg in eog by clicking it in nautilus
<kamstrup> the module would fire off the same event as the datahub
<seif> uhm yeah
<kamstrup> while semantically there is in fact difference between launching an 
app and an app opening a document
<seif> but but but
<seif> kamstrup, thus i want to introduce some new ontology interpretations for 
<seif> "launch"
<seif> "installeD"
<seif> mainly
<seif> uninstalled too :P
<kamstrup> seif, I think that goes against the basic premise we have been 
building the onto on
<seif> kamstrup, how?
<seif> kamstrup, explain more
<seif> :)
<kamstrup> seif, installing an app == zg:CREATE_EVENT with subj manif 
<seif> kamstrup, ok this is right
<kamstrup> and the event manif would be SYSTEM_NOTIFICATION or something
<seif> and the actor being the installation software
<kamstrup> seif, indeed
<seif> apt or software center
<seif> ok
<seif> but launchd
<seif> did u make it a visit event
<seif> ?
<kamstrup> seif, it's a zg:ACCESS_EVENT on a subject with interp nfo:SOFTWARE 
and manif nfo:SOFTWARE_ITEM
<seif> actor?
<thekorn> wohhhoo, 7me starts to like ontologies
<kamstrup> actor is the app lauching the app
<seif> in this case unity?
<seif> thekorn, ur cute :P
<kamstrup> and if we can't figure out what that is, we just don't set the actor
<seif> kamstrup, good idea
<seif> ok
<kamstrup> seif, right now the actor in unity is application://mutter
<seif> no need to extend ontology then

** Changed in: zeitgeist
       Status: New => Won't Fix

Refuses to log events without subjects
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Zeitgeist
Framework Team, which is subscribed to Zeitgeist Framework.

Status in Zeitgeist Framework: Won't Fix

Bug description:
Zeitgeist says:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/zeitgeist/_zeitgeist/engine/main.py", line 497, in 
    return self._insert_event(event, sender)
  File "/usr/share/zeitgeist/_zeitgeist/engine/main.py", line 508, in 
    raise ValueError("Illegal event format: No subject")
ValueError: Illegal event format: No subject

If I send it an event without a subject. The reason why I am doing that is 
because I am trying to log whenever an app is launched. Like for instance when 
I launch the Gnome calculator. This way I can have "most popular apps" listings 
and what not :-)

So my request: Can we lax the requirement for events to have a subject?

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