Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen has proposed merging 
lp:~zeitgeist/zeitgeist/small-find-events-optimization into lp:zeitgeist.

Requested reviews:
  Zeitgeist Framework Team (zeitgeist)

I was seeing query response times of around 200ms when calling ZG from Unity. 
As this seems like a  suspiciously long query time for my small database I went 
looking a bit into this.

First I noticed that the debug/profiling statements we had for this was not 
only imprecise but also directly hiding the truth. So I fixed that. The problem 
being that we never really logged the time it took to execute the query where 
we find, group, and sort the events, only the time it takes us to build the 
event objects after the query ...

Next thing I noticed was that we spend surprisingly long time in _find_events() 
when looking up full events compared to just looking up the ids. So I made that 
function always just find the ids and then do another SQL call to look up the 
full event structures. Surprisingly adding this extra SQL call shaves off 
roughly 50ms on the full query time.

(Note: This was done in my Canonical time - so if you accept this branch 
Zeitgeist will forever be "tainted" bwahaha! ;-P)

Your team Zeitgeist Framework Team is requested to review the proposed merge of 
lp:~zeitgeist/zeitgeist/small-find-events-optimization into lp:zeitgeist.
=== modified file '_zeitgeist/engine/main.py'
--- _zeitgeist/engine/main.py	2010-08-02 10:13:12 +0000
+++ _zeitgeist/engine/main.py	2010-08-30 13:27:45 +0000
@@ -337,7 +337,7 @@
 		if return_mode == 0:
 			sql = "SELECT DISTINCT id FROM event_view"
 		elif return_mode == 1:
-			sql = "SELECT * FROM event_view"
+			sql = "SELECT id FROM event_view"
 		elif return_mode == 2:
 			sql = "SELECT subj_uri, timestamp FROM event_view"
@@ -374,14 +374,19 @@
 		result = self._cursor.execute(sql, where.arguments).fetchall()
-		if return_mode == 1:
-			return self.get_events(rows=result, sender=sender)
-		if return_mode == 2:
-			return map(lambda row: (row[0], row[1]), result)
-		else: # return_mode == 0
+		if return_mode == 0:
+			log.debug("Found %d event IDs in %fs" % (len(result), time.time()- t))
 			result = [row[0] for row in result]
-			log.debug("Fetched %d event IDs in %fs" % (len(result), time.time()- t))
-			return result
+		elif return_mode == 1:
+			log.debug("Found %d events in %fs" % (len(result), time.time()- t))
+			result = self.get_events(ids=[row[0] for row in result], sender=sender)			
+		elif return_mode == 2:
+			log.debug("Found %d (uri,timestamp) tuples in %fs" % (len(result), time.time()- t))
+			result = map(lambda row: (row[0], row[1]), result)			
+		else:
+			raise Exception("%d" % return_mode)
+		return result
 	def find_eventids(self, *args):
 		return self._find_events(0, *args)

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