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Slow queries: SQL indexes not used
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Bug description:
I am seeing query times around 200ms (and 150ms with my latest performance 
tweak in trunk), which surprised me as quite slow since my queries where quite 
simple. I had expected times around 1-2ms.

Reading up on the sqlite documentation I see that the queries we generate are 
pretty far from optimized in an sqlite world [1]. The case is that when ever 
you use an OR sqlite will no longer use an index. Thus this query is NOT using 
the indexes:

  SELECT * FROM event WHERE interpretation=1 OR interpretation=2

But if we rewrite it using IN instead the indexes will be used:

  SELECT * FROM event WHERE interpretation IN (1, 2)

This also explains the case where Michal where seeing tremendously slow query 
times when searching for a big range of mimetypes.

Looking in _zeitgeist.engine.sql.WhereClause.add_text_condition() I am also 
pretty sure we are not using the indexes for prefix queries (eg file://home/*).

I *definitely* don't think we should panic and feverishly start rewriting our 
query compilation. Here's what I propose:

 1) Implement an envvar ZEITGEIST_DEBUG_QUERY_PLANS which will spit out all our 
SQL calls and the query plans for each of our calls. The query plan will tell 
us how the db is queried and which indexes are used if any. The query plan is 
obtained by prefixing the SQL statement with EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN.

 2) Collect some useful intelligence with this new tool, and generally learn 
more about how we can optimize sqlite queries. A big question here is how the 
event_view VIEW impacts the query plan.

 3) Write a new template -> SQL compilation engine that generates SQL optimized 
for sqlite. We can actually be quite clever about grouping our OR statements 
into IN clauses - but it will be tricky to get right.

NOTE: That this doesn't imply any change in the public API or event template 
system. That would be the wrong solution imho. Our current API is nice and 
simple by my standards. Let's keep it that way.

[1]: See fx the section "Using Indexes To Speed Searching" in 

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