Seif, I disagree with you. It is fine if this changes to our bugtriaging
policy lands at the very beginning of our 0.6 dev cycle.

** Changed in: zeitgeist
    Milestone: 0.5.1 => 0.6

** Changed in: zeitgeist
    Milestone: 0.6 => 0.5.1

Add bugtriaging guidlines to HACKING
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Zeitgeist
Framework Team, which is a bug assignee.

Status in Zeitgeist Framework: Confirmed

Bug description:
I've discussed the bugtriaging topic with Seif on irc yesterday, it turned out 
that we have different opinions on how to triage bugs for the zeitgeist 
project. We agreed that this needs some discussion, and the final words should 
be put in our HACKING document.

Here is an extract of our discussion:
<thekorn> seif_: can you please tell me what your criteria for choosing the 
importance of a bugreport is?
<thekorn> I think we should have one definition for importance level throught 
the whole team
<seif_> thekorn, yeah
<seif_> thekorn, if its a build problem or a crash then its critical
<seif_> :P
<seif_> if its a wrong functionality then its high
<thekorn> and medium,low or wishlist?
<seif_> if its an incomplete feature its medium
<seif_> low and wishlist are intuition
<seif_> :P
<thekorn> seif_: so if someone tries to build zeitgeist on some very rare linux 
system, but the build fails, this bug will automatically be critical?
<seif_> yeah
<seif_> it means we cant delivder
<seif_> but ofcourse define rare
<thekorn> only one affected user
<seif_> hmmmmmm
<seif_> i think it should be seen on a distro level
<seif_> thekorn, what distro is he using
<seif_> actually wrong
<seif_> if he is using our dependencies
<seif_> then it should work
<thekorn> seif_: also, what dos "fix committed" mean for you?
<seif_> there is a fix in the branches
<thekorn> in which branch?
<thekorn> lp:~thekorn/+junk/
<seif_> any branch proposed for merging
<thekorn> ok, and fix released means: the fix landed in lp:zeitgeist?
<thekorn> so lp:zeitgeist is our release target, and we do not really care 
about release tarballs?
<seif_> thekorn, nope
<seif_> i thought u said trunk always has to be stable
<seif_> thus we work in branches
<thekorn> IMHO, fix releasedm eans: we have a tarball release which shipps this 
<thekorn> and fix committed means it's in lp:zeitgeist
<thekorn> in progress means, there is a fix somewhere
<seif_> thekorn, ok

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