Seif, I agree with you, reducing .commit() calls is a good idea, and as far as 
I can see it's safe to remove the .commit() calls in _insert_event, given that 
we never call _insert_event directly, .insert_events() is the way to go. And it 
is always guaranteed that the single .commit() in insert_events is called, 
because any exceptions will be catched in _insert_event_without_error

Before merging this branch I would like to hear the opinion of either Siegfried 
or Mikkel.

NOTE: For an extra bonus please make this small one-line change directly in 
lp:zeitgeist, so that you don't pull all your PRAGMA experiments into the 
history of lp:zeitgeist ;)
Your team Zeitgeist Framework Team is requested to review the proposed merge of 
lp:~seif/zeitgeist/improve-big-inserts into lp:zeitgeist.

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