Looked a bit at this. Indeed there are syntax errors in the file that
pvanhoof pointed at, but that file is not the one we have in trunk. The
one we have in trunk is valid. There are syntax errors in some custom
properties added by the tracker devs.

I will update the rdfs:Property statements to be rdf:Property. It won't
make any difference for zeitgeist since we only use the classes as it
stands right now.

** Changed in: zeitgeist
       Status: Triaged => Fix Committed

Errors in the Zeitgeist ontology
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Zeitgeist
Framework Team, which is subscribed to Zeitgeist Framework.

Status in Zeitgeist Framework: Fix Committed

Bug description:
>From #zeitgeist today, reported by the tracker devs:

<pvanhoof> kamstrup, 
 has syntax errors for the four last classes (you need to end them with . 
instead of ;)
<pvanhoof> But seif , this is your task as manager of your community's project 
<seif> i will push him
 i can not force a change
<pvanhoof> bla bla :)
<seif> thekorn, and RainCT have to vote too
 pvanhoof, sorry this is how we roll
<pvanhoof> dude, it's a bloody syntax error :)
 Not a world-changing event
 just a fix
<seif> let me see
<pvanhoof> :)
<seif> thekorn, u missed a syntax error
<kamstrup> pvanhoof, i'll have a look - I recall robtaylor found some other 
problems, but I can't recall what it was...
<seif> -.-
<pvanhoof> kamstrup, you need to end each resource with a . , the last four 
aren't ended with a .
<seif> pvanhoof, u will hear from me today or tomorrow
 pvanhoof, oh thats it?
<pvanhoof> that's it, yes :)
<pvanhoof> But await frade's final call
<kamstrup> pvanhoof, right - there was something about rdf:Property <-> 
rdfs:Property as well... i'll give it an overhaul
<seif> for the first time kamstrup does a mistake
<seif> i need to tell njpatel
<kamstrup> pvanhoof, I guess Python's librdf parser is too forgiving :-)
<pvanhoof> kamstrup, it's rdf:Property
<kamstrup> pvanhoof, I had honestly assumedd it would complain loudly about 
these issues
<pvanhoof> kamstrup, well if librdf accepts this, then librdf is completely 
<pvanhoof> Because that's definitely not legit TTL :)
 Not just too forgiving, rather completely wrong
<change_of_heart> Hey guys, when i try to connect to the official IRC chat, it 
just tells me my connection was disallowed
<kamstrup> pvanhoof, hehe - we just took the only python-rdf lib that was 
shipped by default in Ubuntu... let's hope it still accepts the onto once we 
correct the syntax! :-D
<pvanhoof> kamstrup, also update nao:lastModified "2010-05-11T13:39:00Z" . to 
 kamstrup, that's at the top

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