The proposal to merge lp:~zeitgeist/zeitgeist/pragma-settings into lp:zeitgeist 
has been updated.

Description changed to:

Turned the lock settings to EXCLUSIVE (no harm done there):
When the locking-mode is set to EXCLUSIVE, the database connection never 
releases file-locks. The first time the database is read in EXCLUSIVE mode, a 
shared lock is obtained and held. The first time the database is written, an 
exclusive lock is obtained and held.
There are two reasons to set the locking-mode to EXCLUSIVE. One is if the 
application actually wants to prevent other processes from accessing the 
database file. The other is that a small number of filesystem operations are 
saved by optimizations enabled in this mode. This may be significant in 
embedded environments. This is reversible by setting lock-mode to NORMAL.

And conditionally set journal_mode to WAL:
The WAL journaling mode uses a write-ahead log instead of a rollback journal to 
implement transactions. The WAL journaling mode is persistent; after being set 
it stays in effect across multiple database connections and after closing and 
reopening the database. A database in WAL journaling mode can only be accessed 
by SQLite version 3.7.0 or later. You can read more about the advantages here 
Your team Zeitgeist Framework Team is requested to review the proposed merge of 
lp:~zeitgeist/zeitgeist/pragma-settings into lp:zeitgeist.

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