> foo.txt gets renamed to nice.txt, then to stuff.txt, there's a new foo.txt,
> stuff.txt gets renamed to omg!!.

old_uri   |   new_uri   |   timestamp
foo.txt        omg!!          1234
nice.txt   omg!!          2500
stuff.txt       omg!!          5000

events with timestamp < 1234 use "foo.txt" and find "omg!!"
in the table, same for the others. the new "foo.txt" has timestamp > 1234
and isn't in renames; it wasn't renamed.

> Finally foo.txt is renamed to why? and
> omg!! gets back to foo.txt

old_uri   |   new_uri   |   timestamp
nice.txt   foo.txt        2500
stuff.txt       foo.txt        5000
foo.txt        omg!!          6000
omg!!          foo.txt        7000

an event with timestamp 2200 has nice.txt which is mapped to
foo.txt, events pointing to omg!! older than 7000 are mapped to foo.txt

Monitoring Create/Move/Copy Files events
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Zeitgeist
Framework Team, which is subscribed to Zeitgeist Framework.

Status in Unity: Triaged
Status in Unity Files Place: Triaged
Status in Zeitgeist Framework: Confirmed
Status in Zeitgeist Datahub: Confirmed

Bug description:
An issue we are facing at the moment is that ppl lose track of there files in a 
timeline if the file was moved around or renamed. I would propose using 
taskview or patch nautilus to actually grab those events and either:
1) Modify the uris in the uris table
2) Create a new table with    | new_id | old_uri_id | event | to map uris to 
their actual ids and the event that allowed the change, this would allow us to 
track a history of renaming or moving a file. It will look a bit like the 

9 | 9 | 48124  # CREATE EVENT
12 | 9 | 48126 # MOVE EVENT

In other words the last row means uri 12 was moved from uri 9 with event 48126


3) Create a changable_uri table that is a map of the uri table. it gets updated 
upon moved and rename.
We then add new resulttype that allow you to ask for either pureSubject or 
adaptedSubject. depending on which one is chosen we then use the according 
table in the join of the find_events_query :)

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