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  How safe is the Quit method over DBus

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  We had the following discussion on IRC
<abner> seiflotfy, so, any app can quit the zeitgeist daemon via dbus?
<seiflotfy> abner, yes
<seiflotfy> :)
<abner> seiflotfy, hmmm, why?
<seiflotfy> abner, dunno :P
<seiflotfy> abner, i really dunno why i put that
* abner asks God: Why?
<seiflotfy> u dont have to cover it though
<seiflotfy> abner, actually you shouldn'T
<seiflotfy> abner, but i think it could come in handy
<abner> it's madness to let the user quit the daemon and screw all other app :D
<seiflotfy> abner, why will it scre wit up
<seiflotfy> ?
<abner> yes, I will not support it :)
<seiflotfy> in python-zeitgeist and libzeitgeist we actually reinstall the 
monitors when zeitgeist quits and start again
<abner> well, lets consider that I have an app that basically only uses Zg
<seiflotfy> abner, yeah
<abner> then some other app just shuts the zg daemon down
<abner> my app is screwed :)
<seiflotfy> abner, no
<seiflotfy> nto at all
<seiflotfy> abner, because zeitgeist starts up automatically once a dbus call 
is made
<seiflotfy> :)
<seiflotfy> and the libraries should be able to reinstall monitors
<seiflotfy> :)
<abner> yes, but what about my pending requests?
<abner> are they all gone?
<seiflotfy> ah you mean during an async 
<seiflotfy> ?
<abner> yes, sure
<seiflotfy> yeah that is a problem
<abner> hehehe
<seiflotfy> but usually we act fast enough
<seiflotfy> so in theory it could be a problem
<seiflotfy> but never happens
<seiflotfy> and no1 uses it
<seiflotfy> :P
<seiflotfy> i thought it would be a good idea to have a process that monitors 
zeitgeist memory ocmsumption and kills it after it uses 15 MB :P
<abner> we shouldn't trust on it, Murphy always appears when we are not 
expecting.. better cover this situation in the future
<seiflotfy> +1
<abner> seiflotfy, the linux system can do it
<abner> I mean, shutdown the daemon
<abner> or you can provide a special tool for admns
<seiflotfy> did not k now that
<abner> something like this
<seiflotfy> just ignore the quit dbus method
<abner> actually, dbus also has a command that restarts the daemon
<seiflotfy> I will discuss with the team 
<seiflotfy> that we shoudl throw it out
<abner> but it tries to ensure that all process will live without him
<abner> ok, no problem
<abner> I mean, I don't think that having this option is a problem. I just 
think that we shouldn't trust only on the Zg speed.. we should cover it better 
and make it *really* safe
* abner should be noting all this for future reference.. damn
<seiflotfy> abner, u should file bugs
<seiflotfy> :P

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