Hey all,

Just a quick mail to mention that I'm planning to release Zeitgeist
0.8.0 Saturday night. Releases of libzeitgeist, data-sources,
global-privacy (whatever it's definitive name will be) and all should
follow soon, at the discretion of whoever takes the role of Master of
the Tarball [0].

So, in case you have any concerns related to the upcoming release,
speak now or remain silent forever. From my side, what's missing for
the release is:
 - Implementing *CurrentUri sortings.
 - Adding *SubjectOrigin aliases for the old *Origin sortings (this
involves getting rid of meta-classes in datamodel.py, as agreed with
Markus Korn).
 - Fixing the MOVE_EVENT handling to only rename events with a
timestamp older than that of the move event (there is more to the
story -I'll file a bug related to this shortly-, but Seif defends it's
not important enough to hold up the release).

If some kind soul wants to fix stuff, these ones (for instance) would
be nice to have fixed but don't really matter much:
 - LP #691167: Changing the payload to an array of bytes (as available
in Python 2.7+).
 - LP: #772474: Somehow fixing autohell to check for rdflib in Python
2 and not Python 3 (on messed up systems where 3 is the default).


Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Free Software Developer       363DEAE3


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whole uncertainty thing. Might write it. And by might, I mean I won't
and the cat is obviously dead.» --AHMETxRock

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