I have this issue as well, thought it continues after startup. Around
90% CPU usage.

The terminal output:

[DEBUG - singleton] Checking for another running instance...
[INFO - zeitgeist.sql] Using database: 
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.sql] Core schema is good. DB loaded in 2.08902359009ms
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.extension] Searching for system extensions in: 
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.extension] Searching for user extensions in: 
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.extension] No extra extensions
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.extension] Found extensions: [<class 
'_zeitgeist.engine.extensions.datasource_registry.DataSourceRegistry'>, <class 
'_zeitgeist.engine.extensions.blacklist.Blacklist'>, <class 
'_zeitgeist.engine.extensions.fts.SearchEngineExtension'>, <class 
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.extension] Loading extension 'DataSourceRegistry'
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.datasource_registry] Loaded data-source data from 
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.extension] Loading extension 'Blacklist'
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.blacklist] No existing blacklist config found
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.extension] Loading extension 'SearchEngineExtension'
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.fts] Opening full text index: 
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.extension] Loading extension 'StorageMonitor'
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.storagemonitor] Creating NetworkManager network monitor
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.storagemonitor] NetworkManager network state: 70
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.storagemonitor] Setting storage medium net as not available
[INFO - root] Trying to start the datahub
[DEBUG - root] Running datahub (/usr/bin/zeitgeist-datahub) with PID=28756
[INFO - root] Starting Zeitgeist service...
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.engine] Inserted 6 events out of 6 in 0.003199s
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.notify] Checking monitor :1.82/org/gnome/zeitgeist/monitor/0
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.notify] Notifying :1.82/org/gnome/zeitgeist/monitor/0 about 
6 insertions
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.engine] Found 100 events in 0.021377s
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.engine] Got 100 raw events in 0.001257s
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.engine] Got 100 events in 0.010864s
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.engine]     Where time spent in _get_event_from_row in 
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.engine]     Where time spent in _get_subject_from_row in 
[DEBUG - zeitgeist.engine]     Where time spent in apply_get_hooks in 0.000546s

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  zeitgeist-daemon runs high CPU at startup

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Bug description:
  zeitgeist-daemon at startup eats up all my CPU (two at 100%)... and
  apart from killing them, i can't find a way keeping them cool or
  slowing them down...

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