On behalf of the Zeitgeist team I am happy to announce the release of
Zeitgeist 0.8.2 "Not Quite Blue".

What is Zeitgeist?

Zeitgeist is a service which logs the users's activities and events,
anywhere from files opened to websites
visited and conversations, and makes this information readily
available for other applications to use. It is also
able to establish relationships between items based on similarity and
usage patterns.

Website: http://zeitgeist-project.com/
Launchpad Project (with bug tracker): https://launchpad.net/zeitgeist
Wiki: http://wiki.zeitgeist-project.com/, (http://live.gnome.org/Zeitgeist)

See also:

* Sub-projects of Zeitgeist:
 - Extensions for Zeitgeist - https://launchpad.net/zeitgeist-extensions
 - Data-sources for Zeitgeist - https://launchpad.net/zeitgeist-datasources
 - Datahub for Zeitgeist - https://launchpad.net/zeitgeist-datahub

* Dedicated Graphical User Interfaces:
 - GNOME Activity Journal - https://launchpad.net/gnome-activity-journal
 - Activity Log Manager - https://launchpad.net/activity-log-manager
 - Other users: Synapse, Unity, etc.

Where can you get it?

What has changed?


 - Storage Monitor: Add support for Network Manager 0.9.
 - The text field in subject templates is now allowed to end with an
   asterisk (*) character (which is treated as plain text).
 - Correctly handle current_uri in subject templates from old clients
   (instead of forcing it to the same value as the subject's uri).
 - Substantially increase the amount of events that can be deleted in
   a single DeleteEvents call.

Python API:

 - Correctly specify the D-Bus interface when using introspection.
 - Fix possible exception when the available method list hasn't been loaded.
 - The Event constructor now supports creating independent copies of events.

Kind regards,

Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Free Software Developer

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