Review: Needs Fixing


Looks really nice. Here's some pedantic comments:

 - Shouldn't we abort if the database backup can't be created?

 - It'd make more sense for get_schema_version to be private, I don't think 
it's needed anywhere outside.

 - Can you please preserve the comment we had in Python before the "INSERT INTO 
schema_version VALUES" query? Otherwise it's rather confusing.
    # The 'ON CONFLICT REPLACE' on the PK converts INSERT to UPDATE
    # when appriopriate

 - "if (values != null && values[0] != null)" => I don't think 'values` can 
ever be null (what would happen instead is that the callback isn't called), so 
the first half of the check is empty.

 - "*           © 2011 Canonical Ltd." => in the other files we duplicate the 
"Copyright" at the start of each statement. Consistency doesn't hurt :P.
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