Review: Needs Fixing


Good job, thanks for working on this.

Some comments:

> ( != null) { ... }
What's this supposed to do? You've already unwatched everything in the "else { 
... }", so you can just return.

> ();
I'm not too happy about this. Hm. Let's leave it like this, but at least add a 
comment to the abstract setup() document that it will call 
on_network_up/on_network_up with the initial state of the network.

> public interface NetworkMonitor: Object
Shouldn't this be private? It's not supposed to be used anywhere outside the 

> Write connectivity to the DB.
Not sure what this comment is supposed to mean.

> private void name_appeared_handler(DBusConnection connection, string name, 
> string name_owner)
You're missing a space between "handler (".

> Checks whether there is a funtioning
Typo (funtioning -> functioning). I'd reword it to something like "Monitor the 
availability of working network connections using Network Manager (0.8 or 

> // ^^ There is a bug in some Connman versions causing it to not emit the
This comment is about the proxy.state_changed.connect, but the position where 
it's places make it look like it's proxy.get_state.
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