Lovely :).

Pedantic comments:

 - If you modified, copyright's missing in there.
 - Return extra_data to something else (eg. result), since it's not just "extra 
data", but all the data :P.
 - Typo: "running and instance of", "argument, multible '--plot' arguments", 
"zeitgeist" (capitalize), "several types of plots ??such?? using", 
"find_events, overall)" -> "find_events or overall", "will define multible 
series." (where does this sentence start? also multiple typo again).
 - tools/development/ Not sure, but I'd replace the numbers with 
proper constants from zeitgeist.datamodel. You can then also use 
 - seems pretty arbitrary.
 - Seriously there isn't a good enough plot library in Python or Debian 
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