Review: Needs Fixing

Looks really good, a couple of comments:

8       +#include <cassert>
25      +    assert (g_checksum_type_get_length (G_CHECKSUM_MD5) == 16);

We have glib for that (g_assert) ;)
Let's also turn all the magic "16"s into a const / #define.

88      +#include <glib/gchecksum.h>

Looks like some private header to me, docs say to use <glib.h>.

104     +    if (checksum) { g_checksum_free (checksum); checksum = NULL; }

No need to break the style, C++'s destructors are always run just once.

75      +      g_checksum_reset (checksum);

This should be done earlier, the .add_value() could throw an error screwing 
later use of the GChecksum.
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