Jeremy Bicha has proposed merging 
lp:~jbicha/activity-log-manager/add-apps-drop-spreadsheets-presentations into 

Requested reviews:
  Activity Log Manager (activity-log-manager)
Related bugs:
  Bug #1198724 in Activity Log Manager: "Don't show Presentations & 
Spreadsheets in Include list"

For more details, see:

...and changes the capitalization of "Chat Logs" to "Chat logs" which I think 
fits better in the style Unity is aiming towards in the dash and elsewhere.
Your team Activity Log Manager is requested to review the proposed merge of 
lp:~jbicha/activity-log-manager/add-apps-drop-spreadsheets-presentations into 
=== modified file 'src/unified-privacy.vala'
--- src/unified-privacy.vala	2013-07-09 23:46:11 +0000
+++ src/unified-privacy.vala	2013-07-11 02:28:33 +0000
@@ -115,13 +115,12 @@
 			mime_dict = new HashMap<string, string>(str_hash, str_equal);
+			mime_dict.set(_("Applications"), NFO.SOFTWARE);
 			mime_dict.set(_("Music"), NFO.AUDIO);
 			mime_dict.set(_("Videos"), NFO.VIDEO);
 			mime_dict.set(_("Pictures"), NFO.IMAGE);
 			mime_dict.set(_("Documents"), NFO.DOCUMENT);
-			mime_dict.set(_("Presentations"), NFO.PRESENTATION);
-			mime_dict.set(_("Spreadsheets"), NFO.SPREADSHEET);
-			mime_dict.set(_("Chat Logs"), NMO.IMMESSAGE);
+			mime_dict.set(_("Chat logs"), NMO.IMMESSAGE);
 			mime_dict.set(_("Emails"), NMO.EMAIL);
 			mime_dict.set(_("Websites"), NFO.WEBSITE);

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