wa alaikum assalam alaikum,

Refer to this page for instruction about how to install Zekr on

If you are still not able to install the Zekr on your Net book.
You can download Ubuntu 10.10 Muslim edition Al-quds by visiting below
linked page.
This Muslim edition OS is built on Ubuntu and contains great
collection of Islamic software.

Intezar Ali

On Jan 13, 1:14 am, asnpoyang <asnpoy...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Salaam and dear all,
> first and foremost, thank you very much to all of you guys who develop
> this wonderful application.
> It helps me a lot in improving my quran recitation etc. i have
> installed Zekr to my Windows OS notebook and it works perfectly.
> Unfortunately, that notebook corrupted and now am running on "ubuntu
> 10.10 maverick i386" (notebook release).
> My problem is that, i have no idea how install this wonderful
> application (Zekr) back to my laptop.
> Please advice and and support me.
> Your assistance deeply and honestly appreciated.
> salam
> asnpoyang
> from Malaysia.

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