Salamu Alaikum,

This is what fixed this issue;

I completely removed firefox and xulurnner + eclipse (cause of
dependencies) with:

pacman -Rd firefox xulrunner eclipse
Than, downloaded firefox 3.6 from
Moved firefox directory to /opt/
than nano .bash_profile and added

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/firefox

after this you need to log out and re-login.

I edited export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/opt/firefox/ (
After this I downloaded an 1.9 version of xulrunner and I got
xulrunner from
; ps it will work with xulrunner-oss to.
Installed the package with pacman -U /path/to/xulrunner-

And now I can enjoy back ZEKR. NO MORE CRASH's

Advice to the developer:
Include the dependencies in to a single package , i.e a zekr +
xulrunner aio.

Barak All-llahu Fik.

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