I have submitted a new bug item on sourceforge:


Right now, there is considerable delay(about 4 seconds) between
recitation of each ayah in the Zekr application. It would be great
improvement if this delay is removed. I use Zekr to learn reciting the
Quran and I sometimes want the reciter to go on reciting the whole
surah without any delay till the last ayah. I am sure there will be
others out there who feel the same.

There is already an option to put in an interval between ayahs. But
even if the interval is set 0, there is still a delay.

I think this is the delay when switching to the next ayah. I guess
each ayah is stored as mp3?

I would like to work on this if none of the experienced guys are

OS: Ubuntu 11.04 (Though I saw this problem on Ubuntu 10.10 also. Most
probably, this is with all the Operating Systems)

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