first: thanks for the software and being a great repository of Quran

i found a few translations that on[1] that are not on

the translations that are on both sites seem to be more standard/fixed/
maintained then those on
would it be possible to add them to  or are there reasons
for not including them?

by a quick look i found the following files on al-quran that are not

en-ahmed-samira.txt  en-bijan_moeinian.txt  en-george_sale.txt   en-
en-rashad_khalifa.txt  fa-makarem_shirazi.txt  fr-
de-aiu.txt      en-ali_unal.txt      en-edward_palmer.txt   en-
hamid_aziz.txt    en-maulana_ali.txt
en-shabbir_ahmed.txt   fi-ahsen_bore.txt   maranao-
guroalim_saromantang.txt  zh-hkiya.txt
de-rassoul.txt  en-amatul_omar.txt   en-faridul_haque.txt   en-
en-muhammad_usmani.txt  es-melara_navio.txt  nl-siregar.txt

the nl-siregar translation is the one i see most people use in the
it would be very helpful to have that readily available in dutch.

if there is any way i can help (sharing the load in making/
standardizing/fixing/maintaining/packaging) please let me know.



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