Assalamun Alaykum
A. It seems we all need the following Options:
1- Numbering each and every characters in each Surat and ayah;
2- Translations in search results;
3- More than two translations per ayah;
4- more formats on multi-translation pages;
5- marking sub ayahs and their translations;
6- different search result presentation formats per search expression;
7- Start-of and end-of ayah marks (to be used in search options);
8- search options for counts on formats found;
9- search options for distances (in number of characters);
B. I am trying to count number of (same-root, distinct, similar, ...) words
and/or sub-ayah repeated throughout Holy Qur'an.
My weblog at and facebook includes such results.Please feel free
to forward any information toward that end to me at or

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