Well you just need to download the recitation you want (so you should hear
some of them and make your choice) download from
http://zekr.org/resources.html#recitation look the line that says offline
Then after the download end you need to install it, just take a look at
this 2 pages:
1 http://zekr.org/wiki/How_to_add_recitation

2 http://zekr.org/wiki/Recitation

And finally; have you ever try Zabily O. S. look at this page
http://www.sabily.org/website/en/sabily/what-is-sabily.html and if you want
download a full version from (
http://www.sabily.org/website/en/sabily/downloads.html)that come with
offline recitations and burn into a DVD the ISO image, then put in into
your PC tray CD/DVD and restart your PC.

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