Zekr, MashaAllah is a good software.  May Allah grant you great blessing 
and barakaha for the work you are doing.......

I found some missing recitation in different Sera's,
MP3 file is there, but with only a glitch of noise, instead of recitation.
Could you Please correct these as early as possible. detail is as under

Sura Al-baqara              002277.mp3
suar Al-yousaf              012076.mp3
sura Al-saba                034037.mp3
sura Al-Hashr              059004.mp3
sura Al-Munaafiqoon    063009.mp3
sura Al-Tahrim             066009.mp3
sura Al-Takwir              081006.mp3

I have also some suggestions if you can you include.

1:-    Identify the sajda-e-tilawat during recitation.
2:-    Tasmia recitation should be included before starting sura.

3:-    Include following Urdu Fonts 
                                                 Nafees nastaleeq,
                                                 Nafeees tahreer naskh
                                                 Nafeees web naskh   .

Muhammad Arshad

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