As Salemu Aleikum

Or maybe multiple tabs? A separate tab for search results, and a separate
one for the quran as a starter, like

Jazekum al llahu kheir for the great software.

Wa Aleikum as Salam

>    ahmed <> Sep 01 06:18AM -0700
>    Assalamu Alaikum,
>    Jazakallahu khairan for all the work to provide an extremely useful
>    tool. I
>    have been using this for many years on almost daily basis. Just wanted
>    to
>    make two requests to make it more useful.
>    1. I have notices that in version 1.1 the surah list panel is not
>    sizeable any more. I like to make it longer so that more of the surahs
>    are
>    visible. I used to be able to do this in 1.0, but not possible anymore.
>    2. It will be very useful to have a back button (just like in
>    browsers)
>    to go back to previous state. If I am reading a surah then decide to
>    search
>    and do some research for comparison, then when I am done I would like
>    to be
>    able to get back to the place I was. Currently the only option is to
>    remember your position or create a manual bookmark every time to
>    remember
>    your current position. I usually constanty go back and forth between
>    what I
>    am reading and searching and doing research in other parts. (I even
>    tried
>    launching twice so that I can keep one window for sequential reading
>    and
>    the other to do research, but cannot). Maybe just a quick button to
>    mark
>    current position and be able to move back to that position may be a
>    great
>    improvement, if full backward - forward functionality is not possible.
>    <
>    >

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