Salaam alaykom,

I first would like to thank you for this amazing software since I have 
really benefitted from it.

There is however a small change I would like to suggest concerning the 
interval option. Now, you can only choose up to 10 seconds of waiting time 
before the reciter begins with the same or the next verse. It would however 
be better if you could go up to 120 seconds (with steps of 10sec) because 
of the length of certain verses and the slow recitation of certain 
reciters. In that way you could realize, in these cases, the traditional 
teacher student tajweed setting in which you exactly repeat the quran after 
hearing it from the reciter, only in this case you won't be corrected of 

I would like to hearing from you whether this is possible in sha Allah.

Kind regards, wasalaam,

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