*Before reporting Quran text issues, read this paragraph*:
We use a highly verified digital text of the Quran provided by tanzil.net. 
If you want to report kasrah/fatha (+shaddah) issue, first read this 
article<http://tanzil.net/wiki/Arabic_fonts_issues> and 
then consider that some old fashioned Arabic fonts (like Traditional 
Arabic) when encounter a Shaddah+Kasrah combination, render Kasrah *over* base 
letter and *under* Shaddah. You can change<http://zekr.org/wiki/Arabic_fonts> 
font to something like me_quran if you don't like this old-fashioned 
rendering behavior.

On Wednesday, July 3, 2013 1:43:22 PM UTC+4:30, phds...@gmail.com wrote:
> with Scheherazada font, there is problem of zeir, zabar . i have IE 7 

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