Salaam Zekr Developers,

I've been using "Zekr for mac OS X", for more than three years and its is 
by far one of the best Quran apps out there. especially the powerful search 
features like Root Search and Advance Search.

I hope if its possible to add the ability to search multiple root words 
that are on the same verse. For example, if I am looking for a verse that 
have both the root words "هدى" and "نفس" then the search will only display 
those verses which have both root words. This will refine the number of 
verses on the result page. 

 I have a suggestion on how the GUI would look like. using Boolean Logic 
"AND, OR, NOT" same  idea which OSs use for searching a file, folder or a 
word on their systems.

Thank to all Zekr Developers for creating this application, it helped me on 
my research to understanding Allah words.


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