Assalaamu alaykum,

After installing Zekr on my wife's computer, I received the following error:

org.eclipse.swt.SWTError: No more handles [Unknown Mozilla path 
(MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME not set)] at org.eclipse.swt.SWT.error( at 
org.eclipse.swt.browser.Mozilla.initMozilla( at 
org.eclipse.swt.browser.Mozilla.create( at 
org.eclipse.swt.browser.Browser.<init>( at 
net.sf.zekr.ui.QuranForm.makeFrame( at 
net.sf.zekr.ui.QuranForm.init( at 
net.sf.zekr.ui.QuranForm.<init>( at 
net.sf.zekr.ZekrMain.startZekr( at 

Seeing as there are errors with the org.eclipse library, I installed the 
eclipse tool-kit, but that did not work.  It works just fine on my system, 
which is also running Ubuntu 14.05.  We both have OpenJDK Java 7 installed 
on our machines.

Thank you for any help.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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