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On a usenet forum, the timeless question "What is Zen" was asked.  
This is the best reply to the answer I'd ever seen.  I don't know if 
they stole it, made it up, or what.  Anyway, thought I'd share it.

Zen is...

a small cushion. 

a bottomless abyss. 

a kind of revolution. 

a long term project. 

a complete waste of time. 

a growing religion. 

is a special transmission outside the scriptures. 

a way of life and not solely a... 

a kind of mental process. 

a subject extremely easy to misunderstand. 

a reference to the Japanese teaching that the only way of achieving 
  pure enlightenment is to exclude everything else. 

a rare gem. 

a way of looking and confronting events, circumstances and life. 

a transliteration of the chinese word ch'an or ch'anna... 

a sect or order of buddhism. 

zen is appearing 

zen is zazen 

zen is like sex 

zen is a way of life 

zen is understanding yourself 

zen is not asceticism 

zen is suing the police/govt 

zen is this 

zen is not for everyone 

zen is humor 

zen is with you 

zen is zen 

zen is an electronic repository of the history of the... 

zen is nothing other than the return to the normal condition of body 
and mind 

zen is not a religion in the ordinary sense 

zen is enlightenment 

zen is bound to eliminate sickness of a psychosomatic nature and 
 to improve the health generally 

zen is the realization of the buddha's enlightenment itself 

zen is boring 

zen is punk 

zen is without actually going through the training 

zen is keeping don't 

zen is the mystical branch of mahayana buddhism 

zen is a practice that helps every human 

zen is not asceticism 

zen is beyond religion 

zen is not wasted 

zen is an approach to awareness 

zen is one of them 

zen is due to a lack 

zen is difficult 

zen is beyond words 

zen is out of power 

zen is more of an attitude than a belief 

zen is thus a unique blend of the philosophies and idiosyncrasies 
  of three different cultures 

zen is simply the direct way of awakening 

zen is a japanese thing 

zen is neither buddhist nor taoist and yet both 

zen is one of the longest established practices 

zen is indeed the religion of the samurai warrior 

zen is the school of buddhism which emphasizes the religious 
  practice of meditation 

zen is not wisdom 

zen is stinky 

zen is to come in touch with the inner workings of our being 

zen is to bring one into union with life itself 

zen is attempting to understand the meaning of life directly 

zen is not a better way 

zen is a faith of creative experience 

zen is a network of spiritual centers 

zen is a synthesis of indian buddhism and chinese taoism 

zen is the peculiarly chinese way of accomplishing the buddhist 
  goal of seeing the world just as it is 

zen is transmitted outside of words 

zen is great for the bikers 

zen is what zen is not and thus always zen will be understood 

zen is one of the best selling cars of the suzuki family 

zen is very simple 

zen is the natural evolution of zen from its japanese cultural 
  form to a universal teaching 

zen is to be awakened in every thought and deed 

zen is about finding yourself 

zen is about the art of being human zen is about recognizing 
  what is zen is about naturalness 

zen is all about enjoying your cigarettes 

zen is like a meditation in and unto itself 

zen is still writing - just not much right now 

zen is me 

zen is about finding your true self 

zen is the only 

zen is not to understand it. 

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