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> Yes, I deem her an idiot for her views. I don't see why I should 
respect all opinions. Some people are of the opinion that African-
Americans are animals. I'm disinclined to say, "I respect your 
opinion but I disagree." I'm not advocating violence. But I do gain 
satisfaction from calling someone like Michelle Malkin an idiot. She 
has every right to be an idiot, and to express her idiotic views. 
And I have every right to mock her.
> I'm on Social Security Disability, and people like Michelle Malkin 
celebrate cutting the program that is responsible for keeping me 
alive. She does this while celebrating the actions of the worst 
president in American history, and a war that costs us $15 billion a 
> So her views are not quaint abstractions to me. She doesn't 
respect others, and I don't respect her. She attacks people on the 
left in the same way that Ann Coulter does. 
> I respect many people who are of a different political opinion 
than my own. But they have to show a modicum of decency and 
compassion and respect before I will. Respect is something you earn. 
> --
> Darren W. Lyle
> Boston, Massachusetts
> The House of Four Cats
> http://www.dwlyle.blogspot.com
   You feel she is personally attacking you by expressing her own 
view of a social program?  She might not feel the way she does if 
she had the chance to hear your side of things.  How does calling 
her an "idiot" make you any different from her?  Your politics are 
vastly different from her's, but again, having strong feelings for 
conservative or liberals doesn't make someone an idiot.


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