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> The inability to put together a logical statement makes her an 

  Malkin is a nationally sydicated columnist and a published 
author.  You don't like her statements, but she has some ability to 
make logical statements.  Calling her names may make you feel 
better, but it does little to address the problem of your 
perscriptions and the programs which help pay for them.

Do you respect all opinions?

   It's possible to disagree with someone and feel they are 
completely wrong on an issue without resorting to name calling.  
That's just trying to tear somone you don't like down, instead of 
working to make the change you seek.  If only some opinions are 
valued, who makes that choice?  Isn't that part of what angers you 
so about the current administration?
> Malkin is advocating cutting several government programs that are 
keeping me alive. My prescriptions alone cost almost $700 a month. 
That's what I mean when I say that her opinions are not abstractions 
to me. 

   That's a very serious reality in your life and your anger towards 
people who oppose such programs is understandable.  How is the 
situation helped by calling a woman you've never met names?  Vampy 
has clever names for all these people who have conservative views.  
Does that mean all who have conservative views are idiots and 
assholes?  Does that mean that only liberal views are correct?
> What we have here is class warfare. I'm committed to non-violence, 
but it is a war nonetheless. Would you feel better if I said that 
Malkin's views are eloquent and intelligently stated, but dangerous, 
mean, nasty, and that she is a social Darwinist?

   I think that's how you view her.  Those comments make disucssion 
possible, even if no one's mind will be changed.  Calling her an 
idiot is like slamming a door during an arguement -- it's loud and 
attention getting, but doesn't move towards any possible common 
ground.  Saying she's a social Darwinist stakes out what you see as 
wrong about her position and allows for disucssion.  You have 
already decided in your mind that she is wrong and you are right, 
based on your life experience.  What about her life experience?  Can 
you say, from reading what you have, that your mind is open while 
her's is closed?
> And I never said that she didn't have the right to make as much 
noise as she wants. She's still an idiot, and an asshole (just read 
her book on the Japanese Interment.

  No, this hasn't been about censorship.  You decided to add a new 
name, "asshole".   I haven't read her book on the camps, so what 
exactly did she say about them that makes her an "asshole"?  You're 
from Massachusetts.  It would be easy to cast all sorts of names and 
labels your way based on the state where you reside as representing 
the totality of who you are, reducing you to a crude word in my 
mind.  That would be most unfair to you.  Then we could call each 
other names in a flame war, having accomplished nothing which 
benefits either one of us, just digging our hole of anger deeper and 
deeper.  What is zen-like about that?
  You have real concerns in your life that transcend posting in a 
group.  We probably have little that we agree on, but I respect you 
as a person of passion and thought.  You can think whatever you wish 
about Malkin, Coulter, Limbaugh, et al.  It was my hope that you'd 
see that names like "idiot" and "asshole" say as much or more about 
the one using them as the one they are directed at.  You are neither 
of those things Darren.  You have given me a name and the beginning 
of an understanding of what government programs do to help people in 
need.  If you wrote with that passion to Ms. Malkin, you might make 
a similar impact on her.  Calling her names in a group does 
nothing.  If you give her the credit for perhaps being as thoughtful 
and passionate as you, something good could begin.
> --
> Darren W. Lyle
> Boston, Massachusetts
> The House of Four Cats
> http://www.dwlyle.blogspot.com
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